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Das Monster von Minden
The largest theropod of Germany, Wiehenvenator albati, runs in shallow water when he saw something suspicious. Besides the usual for my theropod protofeathers, here I added another speculative detail. That megalosaurids related to that monster, differed remarkably "smooth" the top of the skull, there are no clearly defined protrusions that are characteristic of many of the largest theropods. But the lack of bone framework still does not negate the presence of the ridge on the head that proves the range of modern birds and reptiles, flaunting a strange ridges, growths, extra-long scales. So, here's allosauroid-like megalosaurid. :) (Smile) 

Black gel pen, gray marker, black pencil, 2017.

Edit: Updated the contrast.


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I. Gismatullin
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi all! My name is Ildar Gismatullin. I'm 15 years old (in the profile specified 16, but this was due to problems at registration - in age was too small and I added one year). I am interested in paleontology 6 years, and this age I started to draw prehistoric animals, especially dinosaurs. I painted before, but paleoart became one of my Hobbies. I have perfected their skills, the result is what You see in my gallery. At the moment I mainly paint dinosaurs, but also try to draw and other prehistoric creatures. In addition to paleontology, I am fond of modern living nature, and a little astronomy and history.

Current residence: Ulyanovsk, Russia
Favorite genre of music: Rock and Metal



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