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Megawhaitsia patrichae - a poisonous bear by Xiphactinus Megawhaitsia patrichae - a poisonous bear :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 58 21 A hungry humpback by Xiphactinus A hungry humpback :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 85 4 Raptor by Xiphactinus Raptor :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 97 4 Montanazhdarcho minor by Xiphactinus Montanazhdarcho minor :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 107 4 Coelurus fragilis by Xiphactinus Coelurus fragilis :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 77 3 Wiehenvenator. Again. by Xiphactinus Wiehenvenator. Again. :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 118 17 Blood-whiskered killerbird by Xiphactinus Blood-whiskered killerbird :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 121 6 The croc hunter by Xiphactinus The croc hunter :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 147 23 Sunbathing Vulture-saurian by Xiphactinus Sunbathing Vulture-saurian :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 126 3 Running Rativates by Xiphactinus Running Rativates :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 94 7 Tianyulong confuciusi by Xiphactinus Tianyulong confuciusi :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 101 4 Ostafrikasaurus crassiserratus by Xiphactinus Ostafrikasaurus crassiserratus :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 107 7 Sciurumimus albersdoerferi by Xiphactinus Sciurumimus albersdoerferi :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 85 4 Utahraptor portrait by Xiphactinus Utahraptor portrait :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 109 7 Daspletosaurus horneri by Xiphactinus Daspletosaurus horneri :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 121 9 Crowned Dragon by Xiphactinus Crowned Dragon :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 70 5


Amargasaurus by T-PEKC Amargasaurus :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 43 7 Eoraptor lunensis- head detail by T-PEKC Eoraptor lunensis- head detail :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 57 21 Anancus arvernensis by T-PEKC Anancus arvernensis :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 52 8 Isisaurus colberti by T-PEKC Isisaurus colberti :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 59 16 Baryhterium grave by T-PEKC Baryhterium grave :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 27 2 Platybelodon by T-PEKC Platybelodon :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 56 7 Mammuthus columbi by T-PEKC Mammuthus columbi :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 37 3 Longipteryx chaoyangensis by T-PEKC Longipteryx chaoyangensis :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 50 2 Archaeopteryx lithographica by T-PEKC Archaeopteryx lithographica :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 95 22 Euoplocephalus tutus by T-PEKC Euoplocephalus tutus :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 75 11 Stegosaurus stenops by T-PEKC Stegosaurus stenops :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 159 22 Marasuchus lilloensis by T-PEKC Marasuchus lilloensis :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 47 10 P. wyomingensis by T-PEKC P. wyomingensis :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 65 4 Iguanodon bernissartensis 2 by T-PEKC Iguanodon bernissartensis 2 :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 67 13 Hell Creek banner by T-PEKC Hell Creek banner :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 27 9 Phosphatherium escuilliei - portrait by T-PEKC Phosphatherium escuilliei - portrait :icont-pekc:T-PEKC 61 9


Megawhaitsia patrichae - a poisonous bear
Speculative reconstruction of a giant therocephalian Megawhaitsia patrichae from terminal Permian of Vladimir region (Russia). Described by fragments of the jaws, characterized by the presence of three pairs of fangs in the upper jaw. Channels that open in the alveoli of these canines could be poisonous glands ducts. Poisonous monster the size of a bear, in other words.


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Ildar Gismatullin
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi all! My name is Ildar Gismatullin, I am 16 years old. I have always admired nature, but started to draw dinosaurs only since I was 6 years old. But still prehistoric animals - the main subject of my work. I love the theropods, so mainly draw them. However, I am also attracted to animals from more ancient times, especially the non-mammalian synapsids ("mammal-like reptiles"). I hope that Paleozoic animals will eventually become more likely to appear in my gallery.

Current residence: Ulyanovsk, Russia
Favorite genre of music: Rock



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